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Grape juice for adults with Indian foods

Its nice to have a nice glass of wine with your meal and of late I have been asked what pairings i recommend  with the food that I make. I asked Lisa Rittaler from the Castle Liquor Store for some options to share with my followers ,after some tastings she said there are some basic rules 

  • AVOID Oak and high alcohol
  • AVOID Cabernet Savignions, Shiraz's and Merlot's
  • Choose a medium to low alcohol
  • Choose crisp and acidic wines
  • When going with a white go for fruity and aromatic off dry wines 
  • With Red's go with a low to medium tannin and a more fruitier wine

Some of her top choices that are currently on the market are


  • Cotes du Rhone- Perrin
  • Le Clarion des Anges- Costieres de Nimes

  • Apothic Red

  • Stone Road- BC VQA 


  • Sumac Ridge 
  • Grey Monk Kerner
  • Rudolph Muller
  • Stone Road- BC VQA

I shall have another post up soon on beers and ciders as soon as our extensive testing is done ;) feel free to share your experience or feedback.