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Breakfasts around India

What's better than waking up to a scrumptious breakfast every morning! The variety of food that can be found for breakfast in India could make any foodie drool. Even if you do not call yourself a foodie, it is a gastronomic delight to know how the food culture differs from one state to another.

  • Kashmir: Noon Chai or Sheer Chai is a common breakfast tea in Kashmiri households and is taken with breads like baqerkhani brought fresh from the Sufi, or bakers. Often, this tea is served in large containers
  • Kerala: Kerala’s breakfast includes Puttu - steamed powdered rice which can be had with spiced creamy chickpea curry or bananas. There is Appam that is made from rice, sugar and fermented yeast. This sweet and salty item can be had with stew, meat or vegetable. The primary breakfast here is Idiyappam that looks like tangled noodle balls and is made of rice. There’s grated coconuts and sugar in this preparation too and it is best had with creamy egg curry and chicken. 
  • West Bengal: The Luchi and Alur-dom from West Bengal is a flavourful dish made of stir-fried baby potatoes (Aloo dum) which has different styles of preparation across India. The Luchi is nothing but deep fried bread.
  • Orissa: The breakfast in Orissa consists of poha or flattened rice, and muri or puffed rice. Puffed rice can be either fried or be eaten with curd-banana-sugar (called as Churaa Dahi).
  • Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu: These two states consume the famous idlis and sambhar down south. The rice idlis and tangy sambhar has also gained popularity in north India as a breakfast snack.
  • Maharashtra: In Maharashtra you’ll find Sabudana Khichdi (which is usually Sago boiled with lentils), or Poha (flattened rice) full of vegetables. The famous spicy breakfast from Maharashtra is the Kolhapuri Misal is quite to prepare and quite a delight for those who love their spices dearly. 
  • Gujarat: Deep fried pooris and Moong Dal is the staple breakfast of Gujarat. In the coastal areas of Gujarat, sea food may also be served for breakfast. 
  • Punjab: Fried in ghee and loaded with butter, Aloo Paratha is Punjab’s favourite breakfast. They are best enjoyed with pickles, curd and curries.
  • Nagaland: In Nagaland you’ll get to relish rice with steamed pork or chicken for breakfast. Naga food tends to be spicy and has a flavour of a spicy, aromatic ginger that is different from normal ginger.
  • Madhya Pradesh: Poha mixed with vegetables and spices is the staple breakfast of Madhya Pradesh. It is found everywhere in the state from railway stations to road sides.
  • Bihar: Sattu Parathas made of powdered baked gram, a high energy giving food usually mixed with water or with milk is found on Bihar’s breakfast table. Sattu is also mixed with spices to prepare stuffed 'chapattis', locally known as 'makuni roti'.
  • Sikkim: Lentils, rice, and chicken curry can be found for breakfast in Sikkim. Sikkim’s cuisine closely follows the Nepalese food culture and you’ll also find different varieties of dumplings here. 
  • Manipur: Tan and Changaang which is basically puri with a broth of green-peas is the special breakfast of Manipur. The taste of Manipuri food is very different from mainland Indian cuisines because of the special aromatic herbs and roots that are exclusive to the region.
  • Uttar Pradesh: The Uttar Pradesh region loves to feast on jalebis with curd and puri sabzi or khasta kachauri for breakfast.
  • Assam: Rice is a part of all meals in Assam. A traditional breakfast consists of chira (flattened rice) with yogurt and jaggery. Farmers eat cooked rice soaked overnight (poita) garnished with mustard oil, onions, etc. 
  • Karnataka: Once you’re in Karnataka, you can relish the flavoured lemon rice or tamarind rice in breakfast here. The special neer dosa which is really light and upma is also quite popular in Karnataka. 
  •  Chattisgarh: Fara/Muthiya are steamed rice rolls in white sauce. It’s one of the most popular breakfast of Chhattisgarh. It is usually served with mint chutney.

  • Goa: In Goa there are a lot of Portuguese influences so pao or bread forms an essential part of Goan cuisine. In the context of breakfast, pao usually is consumed with bhaji which is a mashed up version of mixed vegetables in a tangy tomato sauce.

  • Haryana: Gram flour rotis stuffed with mixed spices. It’s finger-licking good!

On that note I am off to have my toast!!!