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New menu & suppliers

This summer was our first in Sooke/ Canada. I was fortunate to be offered the chance to show case some of my wares in the markets and a great response. It was at this market that I had the opportunity to meet with a food chi representative and we got talking. Long story short she was instrumental in getting me in touch with many local farmers.

Thanks to this I am excited to say that I am finally able to offer organic and truly local and seasonal produce.  My lamb comes from the Far Side Farm at Otter Point that practices organic husbandry for their lamb and a lovely local poultry farmer in Sooke provides the delicious chicken. All this hormone  and antibiotic free not to mention free range.  Then is the small but multi-colour matter of vegetables that come from the Ragley Farm and Grow Green caravan in East Sooke amongst some other smaller individual farms. These vegetables are organic and have low/no carbon foot print. 

So I am now finally able to introduce the new fall menu with local and organic produce. Hope you enjoy trying and tasting it as much as I enjoy cooking it.