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Masala Tea not Chai Tea: Repost

Revisiting some old recipes and thought with a day like today masala tea would be ideal. So here goes my version for 3-4 cups


  • Black tea of any kinds . Loose leaf is better but you can cheat and open a couple of bags too :) 3 flat spoons
  • Water roughy 1/4 to each cup tea
  • 4-5 pods of green cardamom
  • 3-4 cms of ginger chopped roughly
  • Sweetener of your preference , anything from white sugar to Stevia will work. As much as your taste buds need.
  • Whole Milk is better but skimmed will do, roughly a cup for each cup of tea

In a open pan put the milk to slow heat, add the crushed cardamom pods, ginger and sweetener to it. When it simmers add the tea leaves and water to it all and stir. As the mixture heats tannins are released and the colour of the mixture gets darker. It is best to get it to the chocolate milk colour ( 2-5 mins on the boil). If a skin forms on this mixture with tea leaves and other stuff in it, break it up with a spoon and stir back into the mixture. 

Take this mixture off the heat and pour it into the cups with a strainer to catch all the debris as I call it :)

Now enjoy your tea with some hot Pakora's or dunking in some nice tea biscuits- Indian  Style!

NOTE: I have seen people add cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, star anise or even all spice. You can try all of it in variations. Cardamom is the main ingredients with the others used to add the heat/ kick factor.