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A bread by any other name: Types of Indian Bread

I thought it would would be fun to share the variety of Indian bread's ...yes we have a lot. These are some basic categories some get stuffed and take on a whole new name too. So venture out and try something other than a naan next time you see it on the menu 

Baati: Bread looking like bun cooked over ambers in Rajasthan

Bhatura: Deep fried Maida ( refined flour)  flat bread

Chapati: Basic whole wheat un-leavened flat bread, aka Roti

Kulcha: Baked Maida ( refined flour) flat bread

Naan: Leavened flat bread baked in clay oven.

Paratha: Griddle Fried flat bread

Pulkha: Light weight version of Basic whole wheat bread (Roti)

Poori: Deep fried flat puffed bread

Roomali roti: Very Very thin bread

Roti: Basic whole wheat un-leavened flat bread, aka Chapati

Roti Makki: Corn (Maze) basic flat bread

Roti Missy: Multi grain basic flat bread